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Angel Dreamer (for the moment) by ImaginedMoments Angel Dreamer (for the moment) by ImaginedMoments

i.e. title subject to change!

I was just starting to get back into more painting for a bit when I received a gift from a wonderful 3d character creator at rmp (maddelirium) .... her new character "Aurya" and so ventured back to Poser and Mixed Medium .......

It's always a honor to receive a gift such as this and so, some work using it ;O-)

Really stuck for a name here ..... it happens to me a lot these days!

I had done a couple of renders using the same theme with this character (and actually this was started before the other one I posted) ...... and hopefully I will be trying some of the other options that come with this character as time permits ;O-) Maybe not soon as

my painting ideas are calling me, lol ;O-)

Its a simple theme and I am not entirely happy with the hair but will work on that some more ...... and might work on some other areas too!

Any who .......
Maddelirum (RMP) - character

Mystikel (RMP) - cloud brushes

Designfera (RPM) - sparkle

Ron's Angel Dust (DAZ3d).

Wings - having a problem finding the original source but purchased and licensed from rmp (if anyone recognizes them, please let me know and I will add a credit - I've changed computers since I bought these and well, not as organized as I should be).

Thank you for viewing, I hope you enjoy!

Thank you in advance for any favs. anyone might give this; I don't have time, alas, to thank people individually any more :(

(c) Pamela Delli Colli 2012

Note: The watermarking that appears on the deviation, does not appear on finished prints. All of my art (including stories and poems) is copyright Pamela Delli Colli. All rights reserved. None of my works (unless otherwise stated on the image page), may be reproduced or published in whole or in part, in any way, manner or form without my written permission. My art is NOT public domain.
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April 27, 2012
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